This 4/20 – a volunteer at a San Francisco Cooperative was struck by a drunk texting driver while cleaning up from a BBQ for the patients that day

Many of our Releaf family remember our exciting and warm 4/20 celebration from this year. We had a wonderful BBQ for all of our patients that was wildly successful.

Unfortunately, our night ended in tragedy when one of our BBQ’s hardworking volunteers was injured in a life altering fashion after a collision in front of our Cooperative involving a drunk driver (information found here ).

In this accident, Chris lost his right foot, had both lungs punctured and both legs crushed. Despite all of this he still has a smile that fills the room and maintains a strikingly positive outlook.

With Chris’ hard work, compassion and gracious spirit vividly in all of our memories we are reaching out to our patient population for any donations that we can forward directly to Chris to help fund his long road to adjusting to this new chapter in his life.



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