The Green Economy: 10 Exciting Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is creating opportunity right and left. Don’t miss a chance to make your mark. Here are 10 cannabis industry jobs to pursue.

The cannabis market has become a 31 billion dollar industry worldwide.

As the benefits of cannabis continue to skyrocket, the stigma facing cannabis use is lessening. As a result, many areas of the world have chosen to update their laws surrounding cannabis usage.

While a cannabis-related job may have once felt like a distant dream, the times certainly are changing. Nowadays, the ever-evolving laws surrounding marijuana have made this dream a reality.

As more states continue to transform their cannabis laws, more and more cannabis-related jobs are becoming available. Fortunately, these jobs have the potential to offer safe, steady and financially rewarding careers to the public.

If you’ve dreamt about a job working in the cannabis industry, you’re going to want to read this. We’re documenting ten cannabis industry jobs for people of all skill sets and education levels.

  1. Reviewers and Critics

Just as every product and industry needs critics, so too does the cannabis industry!

Yes, this may seem too good to be true for avid cannabis users, but rest assured that these positions do exist.

This is especially popular in the medical marijuana industry where different strains and strengths are crucial. For those that are looking to cannabis to manage their symptoms and pain, these reviews are incredibly useful.

For example, a critic may test different strains to determine which strain is most effective for treating an ailment. These ailments could be anything from a post-traumatic stress disorder and migraines to arthritis and even those suffering from epilepsy.

While there’s no denying that the path to a legitimate cannabis critic is a tough one, it certainly does exist.


  1. Cannabis Consultant

A cannabis consultant helps to provide sound advice and insight into the cannabis industry.

This may be in relation to the cannabis business, the benefits of cannabis or farming and harvesting cannabis.

For example, a group of entrepreneurs looking to open a cannabis dispensary may look to hire a cannabis consultant. This consultant can help to get their business off the ground and identify potential areas of growth. The consultant will also use their legal skills to provide necessary advice in areas such as:

  • Finding a legal and acceptable location
  • Obtaining the required licenses
  • How to abide by the laws and avoid fines
  • Which products are most profitable
  • How to create the right cannabis brand
  • How to market their brand

For those who are properly qualified, becoming a cannabis consultant can be a very financially rewarding position.


  1. Cannabis Farmer

When shopping the many strains of cannabis at a dispensary, it’s easy to forget that this cannabis must be farmed in the first place.

That’s right, the need for cannabis farmers has never been more apparent! While individuals have been illegally growing cannabis for years, the evolving medical marijuana laws mean that the government requires farmers to legally farm cannabis.

But, the truth is, growing marijuana isn’t easy. In fact, it requires extensive farming knowledge, adequate land, time and money. This is especially the case for farming medical marijuana that has a wide variety of regulations.

If you have experience in farming and the necessary land requirements, becoming a cannabis farmer could be the job for you!


  1. Cannabis Harvester

Just as the cannabis industry requires farmers, the same goes for harvesters.

These harvesters may partake in first harvesting, trimming and even packaging the cannabis. While some farmers take care of this task personally, others opt to hire a second party.

Of course, this is an entry level job into the cannabis industry and the financial reward is not exactly significant. It can also be a challenging job in terms of the strain that it puts on he body.

However, a cannabis harvester may be the perfect place to begin one’s journey into the cannabis industry.


  1. Medical Cannabis Compliance

Did you know that cannabis is legal for medical purposes in 32 American states today?

With such a development in the laws surrounding medical cannabis, the jobs in this field are aplenty. After all, someone has to ensure that all medical cannabis facilities are abiding by the many rules and regulations relating to cannabis.

This position may include visiting cannabis farms, grow-ops, and dispensaries. It will also include:

  • Performing cannabis plant audits
  • Performing quality management
  • Administering training and informational sessions
  1. The Green Baker -Making Edibles

For those that are looking to combine their baking skills with their passion for cannabis, this one is for you!

Cannabis infused edibles have become hugely popular in the cannabis industry. For those who look to avoid smoking, edibles present the opportunity to experience cannabis without the need for smoke.

In today’s day and age, the wide variety of edibles available in the marketplace is shocking. From cannabis-infused cookies and chocolate bars to cannabis gummies and lollypops, the options are seemingly neverending.

Fortunately for those with an affinity for baking, someone has to be responsible for crafting these special treats.


  1. Cannabis Tourism

As the laws continue to evolve surrounding cannabis use, cannabis tourism is becoming more and more popular in certain areas of the world.

Just as brewery and winery tours have become mainstream, so too may cannabis tours! This would include visiting a wide range of dispensaries and sampling different products.

Cannabis tourism is especially popular in countries such as Canada and The Netherlands. It’s also popular in certain states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

In these locations, many tourists flee to the areas to take advantage and experience the perks of legalized cannabis. Many of these tourists are also interested in learning more about the industry and engaging in tours and informational sessions.

This profession is certain to gain more in popularity. Those looking to get a head start and establish a brand may want to consider such a profession.


  1. A Budtender

Similar to the concept of a bartender, a budtender assists customers in their decisions.

A budtender is able to walk each and every customer through the many different options available and what can be expected from the different strains.

Of course, this position requires immense knowledge and a comfort in openly discussing these details. The budtender must also possess knowledge in which strains should be avoided for certain customers in relation to potential allergies or other issues.

In most states, the budtender would be employed in a dispensary. However, as laws continue to change, the opportunities for budtenders are likely to increase and become more widespread.


  1. Dispensary Store Operator  

For those passionate about cannabis, what could be better than operating an entire store devoted to your passion?

As cannabis continues to become legalized in more areas, dispensary stores are becoming more and more popular. These stores typically offer a wide range of cannabis products including the leafy green itself as well as cannabis-infused edibles.

However, running a dispensary doesn’t come without its complications. Remember, there are strict rules and regulations that each operator must abide by. In even slightly overseeing these regulations, operators have the potential to face serious fines.


  1. Cannabis Extraction Technician

For those trained scientists out there who are looking to delve into the corporate world of cannabis, look no further.

A cannabis extraction technician performs skilled laboratory work. This typically involves extracting the THC or CBD for the plant itself and creating a cannabis concentrate. If you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates and extracts, this website will provide some knowledge.

While the task may sound straightforward, it’s a high-skilled job that involves a number of calculations, chemicals, and general scientific knowledge.

That being said, this position employs those with a solid background in science or botany. In fact, many of the extraction technician jobs require university degrees and even PhDs.


The Best of the Best Cannabis Industry Jobs

If you’ve dreamt of working in the world of cannabis, there has never been a better time than the present! After all, as the cannabis industry continues to boom, there have never been more jobs available.

In fact, the United States alone employs greater than 230,000 employees in the cannabis industry. And, as more states continue to lessen their penalties on cannabis use, this number is only expected to grow.

With such a wide variety of jobs available, jobs of all skill levels and educational backgrounds are possible. These cannabis industry jobs can range from farming and harvesting to working in cannabis tourism and operating a cannabis dispensary.

If you’re looking to take your love for cannabis to the next level, these cannabis industry jobs could be just what you’ve been waiting for!

If you’re interested in staying current on all cannabis-related news, be sure to visit our cannabis news page.