Snoop Dogg 4/20/16 Colorado Trip

Snoop Dogg 4/20/16 Colorado Trip

I love taking trips and especially when I am staying with some awesome people because fun times are always in ABUNDANCE. I had a blast chilling with all the homies and meeting new friends like Kevin from and Afro Man. I was even blessed with opportunity to chill with Lil Flip for a while and chop some game.

From crazy sessions with legendary glass blower Terry Sharp to cup winning Bruce Banner #3 which is a colorado centric strain from what the homies were saying. We even got to take a look into some grows and let me say I can’t wait to get back and peep some more game because people are doing some BIG things out there… But its nothing on what Cali does :)

So sit back and get out your finest FIRE to blasé because its about to get Smoke in this Motha FUCKER


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