Sheriff Nominee Wants To Ban Marijuana, But He Was Just Arrested With Heroin

John Orem, the Republican nominee for Berkeley County sheriff was charged with heroin possession after apparently overdosing twice in two days

The former Martinsburg police officer was arraigned on one misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance Tuesday morning and released on 5,000$ bail.

John Orem was found unresponsive in his Inwood,W.Va home late Monday night.

EMS Officials told West Virginia State Troopers that the overdose-reversing drug,Narcan had been administered.

Tuesday night State Troopers came to Orem’s house to assist EMS.

Once again Oren was found unresponsive in his bathroom with Heroin paraphernalia strewn around his seemingly lifeless body.

This includes a spooned burned on the bottom with a piece of cotton that field tested positive for Heroin.

State Troopers also said Orem refused to give a blood test upon being arrested.

Orem received 20.6 percent of the vote in the may primary to win the republican party nomination in a 9-way candidate race.

In West Virginia they have a “Conditional Discharge” Law, a Conditional discharge works by ordering the accused to a period of probation before trial date. The court proceedings are deferred during this period. If you complete the probation, the charges against you will be dismissed. Six months later, you can move to have all records expunged

Oren can receive no jail time and has the ability for everything to just disappear.

One question we have to ask ourselves is if this “Conditional Discharge” law is afforded to everyone or is it at the discretion of the presiding judge?

Were other West Virginian Heroin addicts afforded the same kind of leniency? Or is this another case of the state looking out for their own?

Source – counter current news

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