Ranking Marijuana’s Top 10 Best Edibles Everyone Needs to Try This Year

If you’re into edibles when it comes to marijuana consumption, you’re going to love this best edibles list our team has cooked up for you!

Even the best edibles come with a learning curve. We all know have or know someone who has taken way too much of an edible and regretted it.

You don’t want to be that person. Not only can it be dangerous, but it messes with your tolerance.

Here’s a guide for first time edible users or those who aren’t used to dispensary quality — no shame in that!


Check the Dosage

A lot of the time, edibles that you buy in a store have multiple servings. However — there’s no way to tell if the THC is evenly distributed throughout the edible.

Your best bet is to look at the dosage and then divide the chocolate bar (or whatever edible you choose) so you’re not eating just one section.

Grab a piece from one section and one from the other. Or, if you’re comfortable with the brand — you can just go for it. But if it’s your first time, remember you can always eat more — but you can’t eat less.


Start Small

If you’ve never taken an edible before or aren’t used to high quality, start with half a dose. Wait a full hour and if you don’t feel anything you can take some more. Edibles take around an hour to an hour and a half to kick in.

Too many people have made the mistake of assuming they didn’t eat enough and eating more 20 minutes later. Then in two hours, they’re higher than a kite and falling off their skis (totally not a personal experience).


Eat Regular Food Too

Just like drinking, you want to make sure there’s normal food in your stomach to help the edible process. You’ll get higher on an empty stomach, but not necessarily in a good way.

Eat a normal meal and follow it up with your brownie or whatever you’re eating. You can thank us later.


Store it Separately

In every book or movie that references weed, there’s almost always a character that accidentally eats an edible. It’s funny in the movies, but not so funny if it happens in real life.

Make sure you store your edibles in a separate location than other food and keep them away from kids.

Did you get all that? It’s like the drug warnings on TV. More than likely you’ll be fine, but it’s better to know potential issues than getting blindsided by them.


The Best Edibles Out There

Now let’s get to the fun stuff — the stuff that actually gets you high. Take a bite out of our top picks below.


  1. Pineapple Delight Bites

We’ll start with a warning — if you don’t like coconut, these aren’t for you.

But if you do, you’re in for a tropical treat with this edible from Lifted Edibles. They’re squares of fruit with mangos, pineapples, berries, and vanilla covered in coconut. It’s like a tropical party in your mouth.

There’s 100 mg THC, which is quite a lot. You’ll pay around $6 for this, depending on the taxes in your state. These are perfect to take with you to the beach or pool or to eat for breakfast if that’s your thing.

If you’re on a fruity kick, you can also try these CBD gummy bears.


  1. Utopia Farms Raspberry Macaroons

The French are known for a lot of things. Their edibles without weed are one of them. But Utopia Farms thought “what if we took French cooking and added THC?”

Boom — best idea ever.

This Macaroon from the Utopia manufacturer is like a chocolate covered Oreo — but with raspberry. It’s delicious and decadent. They’re so good, that you need to make sure you don’t eat more than you planned.

It has 200 mg THC, which is even more than our last pick. You’ll pay more for it too — around $20. Remember that the prices on this list are subject to taxes, so none of them will be exact.

If you’re a chocolate lover and you want to get super baked, try this edible. You won’t regret it.


  1. Reef Jerky

Yeah, this took us a minute to wrap our heads around too. We’re used to edibles being sweet. But this one is as salty and savory as it comes.

Badfish Extracts made a beef jerky that totally surprised everyone in the marijuana market. And, in a good way. It’s surprisingly good and has 100 mg THC in it.

If you want a salty treat to take hiking with you, then this is the way to go. You’ll pay $12 which is basically what regular jerky costs anyway.

Get your protein and your buzz on, your gym buddies would be proud!


  1. Cheeba Chews

We couldn’t leave America’s favorite edible off this list. Cheeba Chews are a famous brand when it comes to edibles. They come in all sorts of doses – and by that we mean strains.

You can get a hybrid chew, a sativa chew, an indica chew, and even a CBD chew. Each has around 80 mg of its chosen poison and they taste like taffy. They have chocolate and caramel when it comes to flavors.

Each box has eight doses in it and sensitive folks can easily half those. Pricing is hard to find online, so call or visit your local dispensary.


  1. CannaPunch

Hey, wanna drink your high? Weird concept, right?

We usually link drinking to alcohol. But the brand Canna Punch wants to change that. They made a line of syrups that you pour into some bubbly water.

Or a soda, for extra flavor. Whatever you do, DO NOT drink the whole bottle — unless you get a single serving. Their highest concentration syrups come with a measuring cup, like the kind your parents used to give you drugs out of.

Make sure you read the directions carefully if you get the higher dosage. You’ll pay around $35 for the big bottle if you want to drink your edible.


  1. Kandy Care Cotton Candy

Do you like getting cotton candy at the fair? What if that cotton candy could get you high? That’d be dope, right?

Well, that’s what the people at Kandy Care thought when they made their medical cotton candy. Not only is it the classic texture, but it doesn’t have any leafy taste. You’ll be taken back to when you’re a kid but you’ll be high, so it’ll be even better.


  1. Wizzie Stick

This guy is hard to get, but if you find a dispensary in Colorado that has them, you’ve got to pick one up. This is a good choice to follow our last blast from the past, why?

Because this one is a laced pixie stick.

Remember snorting them like they were drugs? This time they actually are. But don’t snort this one.

The offer flavors like Watermelon, Peach, Tutti Frutti, Apple, Blueberry, and Grape. Each stick has around 50 mg of THC and 25 mg of CBD so you’ll get a nice mellow high.

Think of these like the unicorn of the edible world — buy them up if you find them!


  1. TreeHugger Cinnamon Maple Nuts

Alright, this one is for all you keto and paleo freaks out there — or vegan potheads. This treat is literally a jar of sugary nuts that will get you high.

They’re dangerously good and there’s 100 mg of THC in the whole package. Look for them from Om Edibles — prices aren’t disclosed online.


  1. Space Brownies

In Amsterdam, edibles are called space cakes. We’re assuming that’s where Beyond Mars got the inspiration for this name. The brownies are delicious and don’t have any leafy taste — as sub-par brownies do.

They’ll get you pretty high if you eat the whole thing, so chow down on a chill day. You’ll spend $10 or so on these chocolate 100 mg THC treats.


  1. Blueberry Bliss Bar

From the classic brand Incredibles comes this white chocolate bar with blueberries mixed in. If you’re allergic to regular chocolate (a surprising amount of people are) or you just like it — you’ll love this bar.

It’s $12 and it has 100 mg THC in it. It’s easy to take on-the-go if you’re comfortable with that and pairs great with a glass of milk. If you have strawberry milk, that’d be even better.

Most of Incredible’s bars are great, but this one takes the cake!


Our Best Edibles

This list could change any time – but these are the things we’re craving right now. Writing this list without taking one of the treats above was hard — but now it’s time to indulge.


Let us know what you thought about this best edibles list and share it with another stoner. Time to get high!

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