Planet of the Vapes: How to Vape Weed like a Pro

There are many ways to smoke weed, and vaping has become a popular choice. Learn how to vape weed like a pro with this handy guide.

It’s time to kiss your ash goodbye and taste the vape. We’re going to show you how to get clever when it comes to smoking weed.

Using a vape is one of the safest ways to get high. A vape will reduce the adverse health effects which can come from inhaling smoke. You’ll avoid inhaling the bronchial irritants and carcinogens originating in weed smoke.

Vaping will also save you money over the years. It’s thought vaporizers could convert almost twice as much available THC into vapor, as compared to a traditional marijuana joint.

So what’s stopping you? Well, of course, you need to know how to vape weed. And that’s where we step in.

Prepare for a little bit of trial and error as we take you to a higher place using your vape.

How to Vape Weed with Tabletop Vaporizers

These vapes aren’t really portable as they need to be plugged into an electric source. But some people prefer them as they offer temperature control which helps release flavors.

Tabletop vapes don’t come cheap though. Some can cost several hundred dollars.

There are two sorts of desktop vaporizers: whip-style and forced-air vapes

Using a Whip-Style Vaporizer

Whip-style vapes have a hose, which looks like a whip, a loading compartment, and a mouthpiece. The tube actually draws the vapor from the device and into your mouth.

Here are some top tips when using your whip-style vaporizer. First thing’s first, you need some great weed. This company sells some of the best.

If you’ve had it a while, ensure your weed’s not stale but just right. It should be dry to the touch and definitely not damp.

Use a grinder to crush your weed into a fine powder. This will mean you can spread the weed further. It’s important to only make up enough ground weed that’ll fit into a single chamber as any leftovers will dry out fast.

Crank up the Heat

Here’s how to use the vaporizer once you’ve completed the above steps.

  1. Switch on your vaporizer and be patient. Wait until it’s warmed up.
  2. It’s a general rule that you should vape marijuana to somewhere between 356-410°F. Take a look at the user instructions in case the dial or temperature settings have a function like a 1-10 scale.
  3. Pack your weed tightly into the loading chamber and slot the packed chamber into the heating element.

Now you’re ready to relax. Suck in slowly, and breathe in the warm vapor.

Tips for Forced Air Vaporizers

These types of tabletop vaporizers are a bit different as they come with a built-in fan. They provide massive hits so are great for parties and sharing. The fan blows the vapor out into either a whip or a detachable balloon.

You may though find that you’re packing a loading chamber located at the base where you’ll attach the balloon bag.

Extra Steps Once the Heat Is On

The steps you need to follow are similar to those a whip-style vaporizer.

  1. Be sure to switch the fan on. Snap the balloon bag into position. The bag should then fill up with vapor rapidly. The vapor should hold its strength for about 10 minutes.
  2. Once you’ve filled the bag up to what you think you’ll need, switch off the air and snap off the balloon.
  3. Put your mouthpiece on to the bag and you’re good to go.

All that’s left to do now? Inhale!

Using a Portable Vape

Portable vapes are both popular and effective.

These vapes tend to come in two styles: plant-based, meaning you can pack the flower directly into the pen, and oil based.

Make sure your portable vape is fully charged. Many come with a USB adaptor so you can quickly plug them straight into your laptop.

Getting Ready to Go

Here’s how to pack a plant-based vape.

  1. Practice makes perfect. If this vape is brand new, turn it on at its highest setting for a minute or so to get rid of any factory smells or dust.
  2. Take out the loading chamber and pack it with the weed you’ve ground. Put the loading chamber back into position.
  3. Now start inhaling to activate the device. Some of these vapes have to be turned on with a button.

Oil vape pens work much the same but mean that you’ll get your hits from cannabis extract instead of bud itself.

Some of these vapes are disposable, but others mean you keep the base and buy replaceable cartridges. This makes things easy.

Just be sure to check that any new cartridge works with your vape by taking it to where you’re buying the cartridges.

How to Inhale Using a Vape

Inhaling using a vape actually takes less effort than using a traditional tool like a bong.

The word on the street for vaping marijuana is to ‘start low and go slow.’ It’s good advice.

Fill your chamber with less than might do if you’d used a pipe. Your body isn’t yet used to the strength of intake from a vape.

To start with just inhale into your mouth and throat. As you get used to the sensation from a vape, you might want to try filling your lungs and try holding the vape there for a second or two before exhaling.

As with most things, you just need to practice a bit to really get the hang of your vape.

Enjoy the Value of a Vape

It’s well worth investing time learning how to vape weed properly.

In the long run, you’ll end up saving money because you’ll need to burn less weed with a vape for the same effects as you’d get with a more traditional tool.

Using a vape is also a much healthier option to get your kicks as you won’t be breathing in harmful smoke.

We’re here to bring you all the latest news about one of your favorite pass times and we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your weed stories with us.