Ozzy Osbourne: ‘Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere’

Ozzy Osbourne: ‘Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere’

Ozzy Osbourne has called on world leaders to legalise marijuana, insisting they’re slowly killing pot lovers if they don’t.


The Black Sabbath rocker is a big fan of cannabis legislation, because he’s lost friends to cancer who he believes would have survived if they were smoking a higher grade of legal weed.

“It’s only a leaf,” he tells satellite DJ Jose Mangin. “There’s more poison in tobacco.

“The good thing about legalising it is the people who grow it illegally, they don’t give a s**t what they use to fertilise it. A dear friend of mine smoked that every day (and) he died of the worst throat cancer ever.

“If it was governed by the government, they’d have deadlines: ‘You can’t mix this with that…’ It would make it cleaner to smoke. You wouldn’t get sick… I think tobacco is far more dangerous for you than pot.”

But, though he’s a fan of legalising pot, he’s not a big fan himself after turning his back on booze and drugs.

“I haven’t drunk for nearly four years, taken drugs or smoked a cigarette,” he adds. “I didn’t want to die that early. All the guys I used to drink with are f**king dead.”

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