We have the Nude from Virginvapes up for review! First ff we like the kit n kaboodle case it comes with.
When you open it you see a sleek looking pen with a large glass chamber. We like the way it looks.

It comes with a dual quartz coil, a single quartz coil, and a donut coil all for concentrates. It has a top of the line charging cord which we also like. The design is allows you to really see your hit as it milks up. It has 5 airholes for ventilation and maximum vaporization.

We like the way this pen hits! The best part is seeing the milk in the chamber and knowing that the pen is actually working! We don’t really care for how the pen feels if holding from the tip. It feels a little flimsy because just a couple O rings hold it together and we don’t care for the the feeling that it could break if you drop it but that is the choice with the nude.

If you want the glass chamber you take the risk. All in all this gets a great review! I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys vaping or someone who thinks dabbing from a rig is too harsh!

Try the nude! ENJOY!!

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