LONG BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! OFFICIAL REVIEW!!!!!!

Finally we have the Long Bong Stanley up for review! This beast is huge! 55,9″/1450mm around 4 1/2 ft tall!

When I first got Stanley I liked the tape on the box, but when I opened the box I was overwhelmed by all the parts and glass and metal. I thought it was not practical and I thought most stoners would not like to put it together.

Until I started building. Everything changed, I got so excited because you could just tell where every piece went with no instructions. It came together so nice and in have never had more fun building a bong ever.

I couldn’t wait to see the finished bong and fill the beautiful piece up with water!! It was so easy to build absolutely anyone with an able body who smokes could piece this together with ease!

We waited to smoke our first hit we wanted to share it with you. I thought in would be able to clear the big chamber in one but I was wrong!

We take our second hit with the MegatokeXL because we like to hit the MegatokeXL out of all our bongs and it milks the chamber up big time! One final hit to get us baked and we give our official review! Hope you enjoy!!!

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