Incredibowl Takeover

It’s an Incredible Incredibowl Takeover! The crew over at Incredibowl called us up one day and said ‘come out to Boulder. Let us show you around, give you a behind the scenes look and share it with our fans!’ We couldn’t resist the offer. So the Club flew out to Denver (the couch went First Class), hopped in a car, drove to Boulder and had a fantastic time with the Incredibowl team. Now we get to show you the fruits of our labor here and on the Incredibowl Instagram (@therealincredibowl) and our 420 Science account (@420science).

Throughout this episode, Brandon will chat with Kyle– VP of Sales– about the inner workings of Incredibowl and get a one-on-one in the Research and Development room. Gary will sit down and talk founder to founder with Mike and find out about the Incredibowl’s inception, their plans for the future and the state of Colorado being a legalized recreational state. And, of course, we enjoy some delicious legal Colorado cannabis with the entire team, because we couldn’t go to Incredibowl and NOT enjoy an Incredibowl!

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