Grav Labs Takeover

This is a very special episode of the 420 Science Club. This weekend, the Grav Labs Instagram account is being run by the 420 Science photographer in a militaristic coup d’état-style takeover. Well, more just like a fun, friendly takeover of their social media account for a little brand-to-brand bonding! So what did the guys at the Club decide to do? They picked up the couch and headed over to Grav HQ for a little fun and adventure, too!

In this episode, Gary and Brandon get to chat with Dave– the CEO of Grav Labs– to give a little history lesson of the meeting of these two powerhouses and the friendship that inspired 420 Science’s move to Texas. They also get the chance to watch glass artist Stephan (@spgatx) at his lathe, creating a STAX base inside Grav’s hot shop!

The guys also decide to give away a few fun items and tell you that you should be following 420 Science (@420science) and Grav Labs (@gravlabs) on Instagram this weekend, too, as the takeover means lots of Grav gear to give away!

All in all, this is a fun and exciting episode of the 420 Science Club and we hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment to the 420 Science Club for your chance to win a STAX setup OR a Limited Edition Death Star!