Did You Know You Could Consume Cannabis Like This?

Some of the most common ways of utilizing this medicine are through inhalation methods such as smoking the dried flower or vaping the dried flowers, or a variety of oil extracted from the plant. Other common intake methods include infused foods and treats, alcohol-based sublingual tinctures, and cannabis capsules. There are also things such as cannabis-derived pain patches and suppositories as well as various topical products such as salves, creams, and lotions.

One intake method however that is scarcely discussed and not commonly utilized is the Pechoti intake method.

The Pechoti intake method;

The Pechoti most simply put is a gland behind the belly button. During pregnancy, nutrients are transferred from the mother to her fetus through the umbilical cord. At the end of that umbilical cord is the Pechoti gland which remains after birth. Every human has a Pechoti gland which is connected to more than 72,000 nerves that run throughout the body to various organs and tissues.

In countries and cultures that practice Ayurveda medicine, applying oils through the belly button via the Pechoti is common practice to address many different physical and mental ailments. Applying oil to the belly button to be absorbed by the Pechoti gland has been used to treat everything from dry eyes and poor eyesight to joint pains, lethargy, gastrointestinal issues and much more.

By applying cannabis oil to the belly button and utilizing the Pechoti delivery method, cannabinoids have the ability to reach every part of your body. This is something that no other delivery method can provide. Decades of prohibition have buried this plant and traditional consumption methods such as the Pechoti delivery.