Crime commissioner’s ‘legalise pot on health grounds’ letter criticised by AM

Crime commissioner’s ‘legalise pot on health grounds’ letter criticised by AM

Time for another think about this?

A POLICE and Crime Commissioner’s letter calling for cannabis to be legalised for medicinal purposes has come in for flak.

Arfon Jones’s letter said cannabis was of “considerable benefit” to sufferers of many illnesses.

The North Wales commissioner has written to politicians in the area trying to elicit support for the view.

Mr Jones said he sent the letter in support of his Durham peer Ron Hogg — a former deputy chief constable — who wants to see cannabis legalised for medicinal purposes only.

The Plaid Cymru’s view was described as “reckless and misguided” by Clwyd West AM Darren Millar, but Mr Jones said the debate had “moved on considerably” and that commissioners from various parties now shared his view.

He added that his stance on drugs was in his successful election manifesto.

The debate over cannabis shows little sign of abating.

Mr Jones pointed to research, an all-party parliamentary group calling for legalisation and 30,000 sufferers of illnesses such as multiple sclerosis who use it daily.

“Illness can be an isolating experience, especially if your medicine is illegal, and it (is) surely wrong that people seeking relief from suffering should be criminalised,” he added.

Cannabis is a Class B drug, possession of which can result in five years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

Welsh Conservative Mr Millar said: “He knows first-hand the damaging effects drugs is having on our communities, so it was with some surprise and disappointment that I received his letter.”

He called cannabis a “dangerous substance” which could have “catastrophic consequences” if it was legalised. The commissioner’s view is “reckless and misguided”, Mr Millar added.

Source – South Wales Evening Post

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