Could Denver Marijuana Cafes Be In California’s Future?

Could Denver Marijuana Cafes Be In California’s Future?

SACRAMENTO – Three years after the legalization of recreational marijuana in Denver, voters are already changing the law. While it’s still illegal to consume marijuana on streets and in parks, enjoying cannabis in a private establishment is now an option.

With 53 percent of the vote, Proposition 300 passed in Denver.

“We have millions of people visiting the state of Colorado. Many of them trying cannabis, nowhere to go,” said Emmett Reistroffer the campaign manager for Yes on 300.

The new law allows businesses, which get neighborhood approval and a city permit, to open a place for people to consume marijuana. Supporters of the new law, like Reistroffer say consumption is still “private” and not out in the open.

“We don’t want this in public. We want this in private places where its permitted where its only for adults 21 and over and where the staff are trained to be in charge of these environments,” said Reistroffer.

But opponents aren’t buying the pitch.

“Now we’re going to have marijuana on rooftops and patios, that’s open and public, there’s no two ways about it,” said Rachel O’Bryan, the campaign manager for Project Denver’s Atmosphere: Vote No on 300 Committee.

Denver’s law allows people to vape and consume cannabis indoors and smoke outdoors as long as it’s not in the public’s view.

California is a step ahead..

Under prop 64 a business can already apply to a local municipality for a permit to have a similar type establishment….

According to the law,

– Area must be for people 21+
– Consumption cannot be visible from a public place
– No alcohol or tobacco can be sold at the establishment
– Business must be 1000 ft from a school

“It would be nice, and we’re all looking forward to that,” said Marcia Blount.

She is a marijuana activist in Sacramento. Blount is encouraged by Denver’s decision and would like to see similar “cafes” in California.

“We want people to believe that the sky is not going to fall,” said Blount.

It’s unlikely you’ll see any of these cannabis consuming establishments any time soon. In California, local municipalities must create regulations and local law before permits can even be submitted.

Source – CBS Sacramento

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