CA Medical Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette & Visit: Club 30 LA, East Los Angeles

CA Medical Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette & Visit: Club 30 LA, East Los Angeles

Meet Matt, a normal everyday guy leading the normal everyday life. But all of that is about to change because he is visiting his local medical marijuana dispensary, Club 30 LA in East Los Angeles. It’s nice when he comes in and the waiting room is empty but sometimes there is a short wait. But don’t you worry, very soon Matt will be entering a colorful and amazing world just beyond this door.

Inside Club 30 LA you can find almost every variety of cannabis and every type of edible you can imagine as well as some you probably can’t. They also have a menu of tinctures, topicals, ointments, oils, pre-filled vaporizer cartridges, smoking accessories, Dab Hits and more. And then of course there is the concentrates. One of the best selections of shatters anywhere can be found here, from the lightly amber to the reddish brown the wax selection here is stellar especially the 24K Extractz. And not only shatters but also crumbles, sugars budders and more.

The selection is so vast in fact you will probably find it useful to take advantage of the knowledge of the friendly and well informed budtenders. These guys spend their days dealing out these products and usually they are aware of the newest, strongest, freshest and coolest options available. So don’t be concerned about asking questions, it can not only save a lot of time but can also help steer you into the best options and deals available.

Speaking of deals, Club 30 LA, and most other dispensaries too, offer daily deals and discounts and also first time patients and patients referring others can usually get you deals too so make sure you ask about the offers available.

This brings Matt to the end of another gratifying visit to his local medical marijuana dispensary, following a few rules and bringing a good attitude will surely guarantee that you enter back into that normal, everyday world with a big smile.

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