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Boundless Vapes // 420 Science Club

Watch as Gary and Brandon get more and more ecstatic over the new vape in town called Boundless. Everyone is looking for the best of all possible worlds. You want a vaporizer that hits like a ton of bricks, has a large chamber, long battery life, clean finish, and isn’t a million dollars.

The Boundless vapes are straightforward and functional in all the right ways. Your dried herb has nowhere to hide in this all ceramic, perfectly heated chamber. By using an airflow passage that circulates heated air through the oven, the CF & CFX vape can generate massive amounts of vapor akin to an actual rip.

You determine the ideal temperature settings to decide exactly how powerful of a hit you want and the large battery will provide ongoing power for massive rips from sunup to sundown and has the fastest heat up time of any other vaporizer. The easy swivel mouthpiece is a snap to hit and makes storage convenient.

But wouldn’t it be even better if you could do dabs out of this thing too? Well, you can!

The additional concentrate chamber can be loaded and inserted into the oven of the boundless vape for your oil toking enjoyment. The Boundless Vape is everything you are looking for.

This bad boy was designed to churn out dry herb/flowers or concentrates/oils, the best of both worlds! Cheers!

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