5 Ways You Are Using Your Bong Totally Wrong

For first-timers, bongs are intimidating. Yet, the deeper you sink into stoner culture, the more important it is that you adopt this paragon of weed paraphernalia. Unfortunately, too many lound cusch novices make major mistakes in how they buy and use their bongs, resulting in a less-than-dank rip.

If you feel like you don’t get the bong hype, you could be impeding your own bong success. Here are a few problems you can easily rectify to get the best bong rips of your life.

You Spent Too Much on the Glass

Bongs are larger and therefore more visible than other weed paraphernalia, so many new stoners make the mistake of investing in a bong that doubles as an art piece. While glass can be beautiful, it isn’t exactly functional when it is covered in delicate bits and bobs. A more expensive bong – and a more intricate one – isn’t necessarily better; in fact, they might more easily break, putting you out hundreds of dollars.

You should prioritize purchasing a bong with thick glass and a simple design, especially for your first. You can find plenty of worthwhile glass bongs for sale from DopeBoo, an online headshop, or you can look in on your local tobacconists for other options.

You Don’t Have a Percolator

A bong percolator forces the smoke to travel through the water, which filters out unwanted chemicals and cools and moisturizes the smoke, making the hit less harsh. Without a percolator, you’ll inhale a dry, hot, potentially toxic cloud – and you won’t enjoy the experience of smoking from a bong nearly as much as you should.

Many bongs don’t come with percolators, or you might want to experiment with a different style of percolator for your rig. Here are a few percolator options to consider:

  • Showerhead/UFO/tire percs
  • Inline percs
  • Turbine percs
  • Honeycomb percs
  • Fritted disc percs
  • Spiral/coil percs

You Don’t Have an Ash Catcher

Ash catchers add another step of filtration that makes bong rips so much smoother and more pleasant. They sit between the bowl and the bong, preventing the ash from falling into the bong and splashing up into your mouth and lungs.

Usually, when you buy a percolator, you get an ash catcher (and vice versa) – but not always. If your rig doesn’t already have an ash catcher, you need to buy one in the right size. Ash catchers look like mini water pipes and are typically made of glass, but they come in all sorts of styles and materials to suit your needs.

You Don’t Have an Ice Catcher

If you are brand-new to weed culture, you might be questioning the reliability of this article. Ice? In a bong? What gives?

In truth, some of the more advanced bongs do boast an ice catcher, which holds ice away from the water to add an extra cooling element in the chamber. It can’t be said often enough: the cooler the smoke, the smoother the toke. Thus, by adding an ice catcher, you can further improve your bong’s functionality.

As with ash catchers, ice catchers come in a range of sizes and styles. It’s important that you buy one that is relatively durable and capable of handling the cold temperatures of the ice. Ideally, you should find something in Simax glass or Pyrex – if you go the glass route at all.

You Use a Butane Lighter

You can pick up butane lighters virtually everywhere for about a dollar — but you shouldn’t use them to light your bong, your pipe, your blunts and joints or any of your weed, ever. This is because butane gas isn’t safe. Studies have found that butane fumes irritate skin and eyes, damage lung tissues, increase heart rate and can lead to neurotoxicity. While serious harm isn’t common, heavy smokers should strive to limit their exposure to butane as much as possible.

There are a couple ways to avoid the toxic effects as well as the off-putting taste of butane. You can use matches — but some stoners argue that matches can be just as dangerous as butane. Alternatively, you can employ a hemp wick, which is lit via matches or a lighter before you apply it to your bowl. That way, you aren’t inhaling any of the gases from the lighter or matches.

As long as you are packing your bowl properly and cleaning your tools regularly, you will likely enjoy smoking from a glorious glass bong. However, by investing in quality glass and a few accoutrements, you can send your bong experience into space – regardless of whether you are a weed newbie or a stoner vet.